Sunday, January 22, 2012

Download FREE Real Steel 2011 Soundtracks

Download the full list of MP3 of the movie Real Steel 2011.

Title: Real Steel 2011 Movie Soundtracks
Released: 2011
Composer: Danny Elfman
Genre: Soundtrack
Tracks: 13
Audio codec: MP3
MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 112 MB
Time: 48:58 

Here you go, the complete Track list

01. Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane
02. Beastie Boys - Heres A Little Something For Ya
03. Foo Fighters - Miss The Misery
04. 50 Cent - The Enforcer
05. The Crystal Method feat Yelawolf - Make Some Noise (Put 'Em Up)
06. Eminem feat Nate Dogg - 'Till I Collapse
07. Prodigy  Tom Morello - One Man Army
08. Timbaland Veronica feat Veronica Gardner - Give It A Go
09. Tom Morello - The Midas Touch
10. Limp Bizkit - Why Try
11. Rival Sons - Torture
12. Alexi Murdoch - All My Days
13. Danny Elfman - Kenton

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'Real Steel' starring Hugh Jackman is a damn good movie to watch for.

The Movie in brief:

Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father.

The Casting

Hugh Jackman... Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo ... Max Kenton
Evangeline Lilly... Bailey Tallet
Anthony Mackie ... Finn
Kevin Durand ... Ricky
Hope Davis ... Aunt Debra
James Rebhorn ... Marvin
Marco Ruggeri ... Cliff
Karl Yune ... Tak Mashido
Olga Fonda ... Farra Lemkova
John Gatins ... Kingpin
Sophie Levy ... Big Sister 

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